KDT 6352

TYPE          KDT 6352






Working area X direction                                                2803360mm

Min.width of workpiece Y direction                                   2802450mm

Max.thickness of workpiece                                             70mm

Max.distance of two horizontal boring position                   640mm

Max.distance of two vertical boring position                      128mm

Max working speed                                                        18pcs/min

Boring middle distance                                                    32mm

Vertical drilling number                                                   11+11*83 up5 down

Horizontal drilling number                                               21*2

Rotation speed                                                               2800r/min(50HZ)

Vertical power per                                                          1.1kw*2*8

horizontal power per                                                      1.5kw*2

Feeding motor power                                                     0.75kw*2           

Feeding speed                                                               60m/min 

Total Power                                                                   22.5 kw  



This machine can be finish the 4 sides

Basic Mechanical structure:

  1. lHorizontal Drilling head(L+R) each group(21 Hole)
  2. lUp Vertical Drilling Head 3 Groups (11Hole each group with two section)
  3. lDown Vertical Drilling Head 5 Groups (11Hole each group with two section)


Machine Specification:

  1. lThe vertical drilling head group equip with Germany made SIKO LED display,High accurate ,see Photo 1.
  2. lThe 8 vertical drilling head group can be worked together with the two (L+R) horizontal drilling head group,or they can work separately,suit for the different requirement for the factory with different processing.
  3. l

Four infeeding ways:Working Through Auto Feeding,2.Semi-Autofeeding,3. Manual Feeding 4,Automatic forth and back ,all these feeding way can be choose from the control panel, the feeding speed can be adjusted by the inverter.

  1. lThe vertical drilling Head is moved by high precise heavy duty guide,to assure the vertical drilling head group to be precise when move to different position. The drilling head is fixed by pneumatic lock.

LG(Korea) PLC controlling system.


Under Construction