OMNIA, one machine for 5 covering needs


Ormamacchine, one of the leading companies in the wood pressing plant and system production for more than 35 years, presents

OMNIA, one machine for 5 covering needs

Relying on almost twenty-years experience in the shaped panel covering field, (the very first Ormamacchine membrane press was produced in the far-off 1986), and on more than 500 membrane machines installed and working all over the world, the Factory always paying attention to and complying with the latest needs of the different market sectors, proposes what may be defined as the first and real combined press with no compromise.

Indeed, this suits both small and medium size factories, craft work-shops and test rooms and anywhere is needed a multivarious versatility and flexibility so to obtain, by means of just a single machine, those workings which needed more specific presses. In very few minutes and without using any kind of tool or outfit, OMNIA can be used as:

1 - Cold press for single or piled up (400 mm max. pile) flat panel covering. (see pages 6/7 for x5 type)

2 - Hot press either for the composition or covering of solid doors, flush doors, panels and what-else with independent adjustable temperature for the upper and lower platen up to 150 °C and 6 Kg/cm specific pressure on 100% platen surface. (see pages 6/7 for x5 type)

3/4 -Press to cover routed panels by PVC foil (It can work with or without membrane) or veneer. (see pages 8/9 for x2 and x5 type)

5 - Double membrane press to cover two side raised panels with veneer or paper in one go. (see pages 10/11 for x5 type)

This machine is the result of the experience got by Orma from its wide range of models, concentrating on it the top of the technology available in the world in this field, with no concession, as far as the quality of the final product is concerned, to the more sophisticated automatic plant thought for each one of its several functions.
The structure of the press is a rugged mix of steel beams and sheets, solid drilled steel platens. The heating system has two independent electric heaters for thermal oil (one for each platen), the quick locking/unlocking flanges are made of special aluminium extruded profiles, granting the maximum stiffness and sturdiness along with the lightness and the handling that this kind of construction allows.
These flanges are even equipped with a revolutionary blowdown system of the air that is present in the chamber during the platen closing phase; this system grants the maximum temperature transfer with the membrane contact and the reduction of the pressing time.

The machine is equipped with a powerful vacuum pump, spare air tank, heat exchangers for the air heating up (independent for each platen), membrane lock automatic pliers and hydraulic pressure proportional control according to the pneumatic pressure inside the working chamber.

Ormamacchine has been the very first pioneer of this device that avoids the membrane dinking on the side flanges consequently increasing the life of the membrane itself. The fully automatic working cycles are PLC managed; all needed working parameters are set directly on electronic keyboard with digital display having also the checking and signalling function of any processing malfunction. The machine complies with the in force safety rules.

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