High performance horizontal beam saw with loading platform

065 3448 sigma impact 107 p-600

Ideal for the company requiring a lean and easy workflow.
Single-blade beam saw controlled by PC/PLC  control system, designed to cut to size solid wood panels, chipboards, MDF panels, multilayer panels, plywood panels and fiber panels.


Floating clamps: the guarantee of the end resul. The special shape of the clamps gently grips the panels giving the grip at the maximum speed and also perfect parallelism when panels are not perfectly planar.

Selectable air blowing table: and essential tool. The possibility to enable/disable the air blowing feature on each table section via 4 independent motors, ensuring optimal sliding of the panels only where it is needed and avoids accidental falling of cut panels temporarily stored on the tables.

Carriage guides: guaranteed cut quality.  Parallelism and absolute perrpendicularity of the guides on which the carriage runs is guaranteed by machining of the entire frame on cnc machines. The ideal solutions gives a cut that is always perperndicular and perfect.

Loading platform: when sturdiness and precision make the difference. The lifting system, running on 4 large trapezoidal screws, as well as to maximize the load capacity  in any material and format, alwas ensures parallel lifting of the stacks of panels avoiding downtime and achieving maximum productivity.

"Netline": per la programmazione automatica delle macchine. Le sezionatrici, le bordatrici ed i centri di lavoro interconnessi tramite PC , vengono programmati automaticamente grazie ad evoluti sw che permettono la realizzazione di progetti completisenza l'intervento dell'operatore  ed eliminando qualsiasi possibilit√† di errore 


"Flexcut": Scm technology to offer you maximum safety. The group, complete with 2 independent pushers, clamps with triple finger and double finger (which can be excluded) allows to carry out two different cuttings, quickly and simultaneously. User friendly when moving the panels.

Technical data



impact p

Cutting dimensions



Cutting depth on platform



Blade projection



Max. height of panels on
platform with support beams


600 (800 opt.)

Variable sawcarriage speed



Variable pusher speed



Sawblade motor (S6 -40%)

kW (HP)

9 (12)

Under Construction