Uniflex HP

Uniflex hp



Machining centre realized to satisfy all the operations of drilling, routing, cutting and hardware insertion, the only one in which the high efficiency of a through-feed boring machine joined to the maximum flexibility of a working centre lead to the maximum performance. Uniflex is equipped with upper and lower units to allow simultaneously working on the opposite faces.

Thanks to the highest versatility and to the different displacement systems of the pieces with automatic loading-unloading devices Uniflex can work integrated in line or as stand-alone machine.



HOLD-DOWN GRIPPER: optimisation and reduction in cycle times. The panel hold-down grippers with X independent movement allow drilling and routing  operations also in positions inside the gripper area thanks to new geometry, optimizing the re-clamping  of the workpiece, reducing  the cycle times and allowing to process on all 6 faces of the panel.

DRILLING UNIT: precision and quality at higher speeds. Latest generation boring heads with RO.AX technology (Rotoaxial spindle technology): up to 136 independent spindles. 

SPINDLE: zero backlash. The new RO.AX technology (Rotoaxial spindle technology) that ensures perfect drilling. The most efficient spindle on the market

PRESSURE DEVICE:  maximum accuracy. The 3 pneumatic pressure devices equipped with support rollers guarantee the perfect reference of the panel on the work table next to the area of  X and Y horizontal boring,  assuring the accuracy of Z quote. 

Technical data

Working area mm 3000 x 1300
Boring unit n. 2
Integrated optional unit n. 4 (max)
Independent optional unit n. 2 (max)
Indep. vertical spindles (on each boring group) n. 48
Indep. horizontal spindles (on each boring unit ) n. 18
Electrospindle power kW 6,6
Saw-blade unit power kW 2,2
Panel thickness  (max) mm 80
Under Construction